Glastonbury School of Performing Arts


Children have the opportunity to take Graded and Major BALLET examinations with The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing starting with the Pre-Primary class exam through to Advanced for the more serious dancer who may want to pursue a career as a professional. Some of the benefits of Classical Ballet are increased stamina, better flexibilty, posture, poise, co-ordination, and musicality.  Pupils can first learn Ballet at the age of 2 1/2 taking part in fun filled classes incorporating the use of props, instruments, imagery and story telling, and will learn the basic positions of the arms and feet.


MODERN dance classes are structured around the ISTD syllabus. Pupils will benefit from improved flexibilty and stronger muscles, learning a series of exercises designed for limbering, stretching and strengthening the body. Modern dance uses many different dynamics and styles which really helps the individual to express themselves. Pupils can take both Graded and Major examinations in Modern dance. JAZZ classes are a little less structured and involve pupils in choreography, music choices, and working together. Free work is a part of every lesson and music and moves are more funky. Bronze, Silver, and Gold Jazz awards can be taken. The use of HIP-HOP music and moves will enable pupils to really let go and use every part of the body, while they learn routines similar to the ones they will see on MTV in music videos, and in films and shows.


TAP is excellent for co-ordination and musicality. From the age of 3 years pupils can enjoy learning one of the most rhythmic forms of dance. Tap is very popular with adults and class is also a way of meeting friends and having fun. Pupils may take ISTD Graded and Major examinations, as well as Tap awards and Adult Popular Tap Tests.


MUSICALTHEATRE & SINGING are both fantastic ways of expressing oneself and classes can really help children gain confidence and increase self-esteem. Pupils will learn songs and choreography from musicals and films such as Footloose, Cats and West Side Story during workshops and will work towards a number to perform at the schools annual show. Pupils can take Musical Theatre examinations with Trinity.


ACROBATICS! Introduced last year, this popular class increases flexibility and strength and pupils will learn skills such as handstands, bridges and splits.  

Senior students taking dance examinations from Grade 6 and above can receive UCAS points which can be used for entry to higher education.